Mingi Jeong

Affiliations. Reality and Robotics Lab, Department of Computer Science, Dartmouth College, USA

Curriculum Vitae

I am Mingi Jeong, and I would like to be an enthusiastic, devoted expert in Computer Science (Robotics) and Ocean Engineering who will contribute to global society.

I am a Ph.D. candidate of the Department of Computer Science at Dartmouth College, USA. I am a member of Reality and Robotics Lab and am working with Prof. Alberto Quattrini Li. Before that, I served on ocean-going commercial vessels (LNG tanker, container vessel) for 5 years as a Chief Officer (final rank) in Hyundai Merchant Marine Co.,Ltd. under the connected service with the Korean Navy. I received a B.S in Nautical Science and a M.E in Maritime Safety Engineering from Korea Maritime and Ocean University, working with Prof. Eunbang Lee. During a cadet period, I was an exchange student and Indoctrination Officer (IDO) in SUNY Maritime College as the U.S. Coast Guard licensing regimental system, fully sponsored by Rotary International’s Ambassadorial scholar.

By utilizing my professional background and skill-set obtained from a fulfilling Chief Mate position on board, I hope to be a dedicated researcher in the autonomous navigation area by developing cutting-edge technologies, and being equipped with outstanding knowledge through interdisciplinary research.

Research interest:

  • Autonomous navigation
  • Aquatic Robot
  • Obstacle detection and tracking
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Motion planning
  • Decision-making
  • Multi-robot system
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Optimized design and building


Jul 1, 2023 Gave a talk at Korean Mechanical Engineering and Robotics (MERRIC) Youtube
Jun 30, 2023 Paper accepted to IROS 2023 :robot: A GM-PHD Filter with Estimation of Probability of Detection and Survival for Individual Targets
May 1, 2023 Received NOAA NHSeaGrant Fellowship for ‘Toward a team of low-cost robotic boats for monitoring and surveying in coastal waters’
Aug 19, 2022 Received KUSCO-KSEA scholarship and won the best presentation award for UKC conference!
Aug 15, 2022 Selected as a SEED director award to present my work at SEED 2022

Selected publications

  1. IROS
    Motion Attribute-Based Clustering and Collision Avoidance of Multiple In-Water Obstacles by Autonomous Surface Vehicle
    Mingi Jeong, and Alberto Quattrini Li
    In 2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2022
  2. UKC
    Towards Full Pipeline Development of Decision-making for Autonomous Surface Vehicles in Challenging Aquatic Environments
    Mingi Jeong, Monika Roznere, Kizito Masaba, Ari Chadda, and Alberto Quattrini Li
    In UKC (US-Korea Conference), Virginia, USA 2022
    Best presentation paper award
  3. IROS
    Efficient LiDAR-based In-water Obstacle Detection and Segmentation by Autonomous Surface Vehicles in Aquatic Environments
    Mingi Jeong, and Alberto Quattrini Li
    In 2021 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2021
  4. ISER
    Towards a Reliable Heterogeneous Robotic Water Quality Monitoring System: An Experimental Analysis
    *Monika Roznere, *Mingi Jeong, Lily Maechling, Nicole K Ward, Jennifer A Brentrup, Bethel Steele, Denise A Bruesewitz, Holly A Ewing, Kathleen C Weathers, Kathryn L Cottingham, and Alberto Quattrini Li
    * These authors contributed equally to this work.
    In Experimental Robotics 2021
  5. IROS
    Risk Vector-based Near miss Obstacle Avoidance for Autonomous Surface Vehicles
    Mingi Jeong, and Alberto Quattrini Li
    In 2020 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2020
    Catabot: Autonomous Surface Vehicle with an Optimized Design for Environmental Monitoring
    Mingi Jeong, Monika Roznere, Samuel Lensgraf, Amy Sniffen, Devin Balkcom, and Alberto Quattrini Li
    In Global Oceans 2020: Singapore – U.S. Gulf Coast 2020
    Student poster competition: selected top 20 submissions supporing entire travel expenses including flight, lodging, registration
  7. OE
    Multi-criteria route planning with risk contour map for smart navigation
    Mingi Jeong, Eun-Bang Lee, Moonjin Lee, and Jung-Yeul Jung
    Ocean Engineering 2019
    A Technique to Plan a Route Based on Risk Contour Mapping
    Eun-Bang Lee, Mingi Jeong, and  Moonjin Lee
    10-2185782 Korea Patent 2020

Honors and Awards

2023 Pioneer Scientist Award,  Korean Institute of Navigation and Port Research
2023 Best Poster Award,  Dartmouth College Guaurini Graduate School
2022 Best Presentation Paper Award,  Korean Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA)
2022 SEED Director Award,  Scientists and Engineers Early Career Development (SEED) Workshop
2019 Future Ocean Technologist Award,  Minister (Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries in Korea)
2019 Best Award,  ​Naval Architecture and Marine Expert Project, by C.E.O of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.
2018 Best Presentation Paper Award,  Korean Society of Marine Environment & Safety
2017 Best Presentation Paper Award,  Korean Institute of Navigation and Port Research
2017 Honorable Mention,  Competition for Simulated Response to Marine Pollution, Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation (KOEM)
2017 Honorable Mention,  Competition for Marine Safety Images and Photos, Busan Regional Officer of Oceans and Fisheries
2014 Best Proposal Award, ‘Countermeasures for GPS malfunction’,  Hyundai Merchant Marine
2012 Summa Cum Laude,  Korea Maritime and Ocean University
2007-2011 Dean’s List,  Korea Maritime and Ocean University
2011 Admiral’s List,  Maritime College – State University of New York
2011 English Presentation Contest 1st Award,  Korea Maritime and Ocean University


2023 20,000 USD, SeaGrant Fellowship,   NOAA NH SeaGrant
2022 2,000 USD, KSEA-KUSCO Scholarships,   Korean-Amercian Scientists and Engineers Association
2019 Global Marine Scholar Sponsorship,   Korea Marine Pilot Association
2017-2018 Full tuition, Research Assistant Scholarship,   Korea Maritime and Ocean University
2010-2011 Full tuition, Hyundai Education Scholarship,   Hyundai Merchant Marine
2010-2011 1,000 USD, Alumni Scholarship,   Maritime College – State University of New York
2010-2011 24,000 USD, Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship,   Rotary Foundation
2007-2010 Full tuition, Best Honors Scholarships,   Korea Maritime and Ocean University